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We have been loving top handle mini bags recently and have found them amazing for styling outfits



A great trench coat is classic and timeless....



It looks like the shoe we will all be wearing this spring/summer is the...



We thought it was about time that we updated you on some of our favourite places in London as it is probably one of the most frequent things we get messages about. Despite always liking to try new things we are equally creatures of habit and once we know we like a place chances are we will be falling back in to that same door. So here are some of the places we have recently enjoyed and would recommend. There are a mix of places here so hopefully something for everyone!


This is to be one of the best meals out we have had in a long time. Given, the company was great and we went on a particularly warm evening but the vibe MADE the night. Sitting out side surrounded by pinatas and other colourful decorations made it feel like we were on holiday with friends. There was a buzz about the place and the food and cocktails were insane… a white chocolate ice cream sandwich… need we say more! Already booked this place again with another group of friends so that they can enjoy it as much as we did!


It was our first time going here for a facial and we could not stop raving about it. As soon as we opened the door it was like entering a calm, boutique spa haven and we immediately felt relaxed. The facials were the best we have ever had (try the radio frequency!) But they also had a gorgeous conservatory in the back meaning that you can work whilst eating cake and drinking tea. Pretty perfect if you ask us! It was not busy at all which meant that whilst one of us was having our treatment the other could work in peace.


Ok so we have spoken about this place quite a bit but if you want a London rooftop this is the one. The view is incredible and you are able to see quite a few of London’s well known landmarks whilst having a cocktail. The food is also great here and the staff are super friendly.


We recently shot on the Southbank for the purposes of using the carousel. We went back again more recently as we couldn’t believe we had not been there more often. For starters they have a SNOG bus which is of course of favourite! But is is a lovely place to walk along the river, get some food and take in the sights. At the moment they have a festival going on called underbelly festival. Despite the odd name it is free to wander in and they have music, bars and food spots to check out. It is a great place to go with friends when the weather is good and you are wanting to hang out together.


It wouldn’t be right to talk about our favourite places to go in London without mentioning musicals. We are huge HUGE fans of a musical and it is kind of a tradition that we go and see one on each of our birthdays. We have LOVED The Lion King, Annie, Matilda and Aladdin to name a few but wanted to mention one that you might not think to pick immediately as you do not already know the storyline like many of the others. ‘Everybody’s talking about Jamie’ was seriously good and we would highly recommend it. It was one that makes you feel really good and also covers very current topics. When it gets to this time of year we start thinking about the theatre and what we can go and see!

Where will the London busses be taking us next? Let us know your favourite places in London and if you would like to know about any other London locations!