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Another heatwave is on it's way in the UK, yay!



If you are looking for something new for your wardrobe but wanting something
a little different...



H&M has most definitely been one of our favourite high street stores to shop in recently.


Classic Clothing v Trend Pieces

I’m sure we all remember our parents telling us that if we just spent a little more on classic items of clothing then they would last us longer. Well, as with most things that our parents tell us they are probably right! You can’t beat a great white shirt, a classic pair of jeans and that staple winter coat that you keep reaching for single every year. However, when we go shopping we can’t help but being drawn to something a little bit different that we can put together in our own individual way to reflect our personal style. There is something super fun about finding something slightly unique and daring. There have been so many times when we have stood in the changing rooms and said to each other ‘it’s kinda mad but I love it’, and often these more trend inspired pieces help to create our favourite outfits.

We often get asked what is the most embarrassing thing we have seen each other wear, and looking back at our outfits it’s definitely those that are not so ‘classic’. But then again, although Olivia’s gold cat suit or my outfit that once resembled a circus clown may not have been the wisest choices long term, these often have the best memories and give us a good laugh which is surely the point, right?


What you decide to wear can really affect your confidence levels for the day, so wear whatever makes you feel comfortable! If one of us has chosen to wear something out that we do not feel completely comfortable in, you can guarantee that we won’t stop banging on about it for the entire day which means we (jointly!) do not enjoy ourselves as much. Having a mixture of classic and trend-led pieces is a great way to cover all moods and make you feel the best version of yourself on that day. It does not really matter what you are wearing, it’s how it makes you feel!


In terms of trend pieces, or micro-trends that tend to crop up within seasons and last for a short time only, we tend to head to the high street fashion mecca that is Zara, along with tonnes of others sure, but they really are unbeatable for little pieces that compliment a classic outfit but make it look on trend too. AND – they are of course super affordable, which means that although your classic designer bag may have set you back a bit, you don’t have to be head to toe designer to be on trend these days. Embroidery, gingham, ankle boots, leather jackets and band-tees can all be picked up on the high street and can add to an outfit while keeping the “price-per-wear” in mind. We also love some of the up and coming independent brands for quirky pieces, such as Nobody’s Child, Tea and Tequila Trading, Rixo London and vintage stores.

Alice x