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Friday Floordrobe… Weekend Wardrobe!

Turning your Friday Floordrobe into your weekend wardrobe!

Whenever we have a free day on the weekend now and then we do enjoy having a mass wardrobe blitz. There is something so satisfying about having a clear out of those pieces you never wear and making room for those new ones you have had your eye on. It can also be a great way of determining what you are missing, but also often a way or rediscovering pieces that you have shoved to the back and forgotten about but you would actually want to be wearing.

Here are a couple of our do’s and don’ts when it comes to your wardrobe blitz:


Do… be ruthless! If you really have not worn that item for the last 6 months then will you ever realistically wear it again? There is not point on hanging on to things ‘just incase you go to a Halloween party dressed as Sandy from Greece’ because the chances are you will have a different idea by then. Roll with the times and get rid of unworn items, as well as keeping those key investment pieces you love the most.

Do… either colour code or organise in groups so that all tops are together, all skirts are together etc. This makes it easier to find items but also to realise if you have gone overkill on the amount of blue and white stripe shirts or if the jeans section is non existent…



Don’t… get carried away and just because it is summer get rid if all of your winter clothes or visa vera. Sometimes when it’s hot outside we just cant imagine wearing that big knit, I mean do we even like it or do we now hate anything that is not going to make us summer ready? Answer is we will be in love with roll necks again soon!

Don’t… be afraid to sell those more expensive items that you paid a little more than usual for but they are now going to waste. Ebay is great for passing items on, and is so easy to use from your phone via the app! Someone else will love your unwanted treasure like you once did and now you can invest in something else, this also makes more space to clearly see your go-to items that you do actually reach for in your wardrobe!

How often do you clear out your wardrobe?

Love Alice Xx