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Another heatwave is on it's way in the UK, yay!



If you are looking for something new for your wardrobe but wanting something
a little different...



H&M has most definitely been one of our favourite high street stores to shop in recently.


Haircare Brand Crush: Kenra Professional

When we heard that US haircare brand Kenra Professional was coming to the UK we were excited to try their products! Kenra are known for their hair colour used by hair professionals across the United States and beyond, but the products are not just for salon qualified experts to use, the every day haircare products are to die for! We have been using their shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays, oils and styling sprays from both the “Kenra” range, and their premium range “Kenra Platinum,” and we wanted to share with you guys how amazing they are and our favourites!

Alice: My hair is thick, long and very straight, so I often don’t even have to dry my hair after I have washed it. My friends say I am lucky not to have to do much to my hair (lots of them use straighteners etc) but I would sometimes love it to be able to curl better than it does for when I go to an event sometimes! My go-to every day hair is straight and down, so after washing my hair with the “Revive Shampoo” and “Revive Conditioner” and I found that the “Silkening Gloss” was absolutely amazing on my hair to give it some extra shine, it also smelt delicious which is a bonus!

I also used the Kenra Platinum “Revive Oil” to finish, and its so gorgeously soft and conditioning on my hair! I took a small amount and ran it through my finished hair for a little extra shine and above are the results.

Olivia: My hair is fine and wavy but I have lots of it! I am always looking to straighten it to make it more uniform, soft and silky and to tame flyaway strands to shape my face, as I have lots of curly bits that go especially crazy when I’ve first washed my hair. Having said this, once straightened I always feel that my hair lacks the volume it had originally, I suppose in an ideal world I would have straight volumous hair! I have been using the Kenra “Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner” followed by their “Root Lifting Spray.” This is the most amazing thing for my hair! It instills volume into the roots of my hair so that once straightened, it looks like it has body from the roots. I spray this onto my hair when damp, and then blow dry it. Finally, I have been using the Kenra Platinum “Hot Spray” prior to straightening my hair for heat protection, and finish with a little “Light Hold Hairspray.”

Overall we are genuinely super impressed with Kenra products and their performance, and would say there really is something for every hair genre. The products areĀ available to buy from professional salons, to find your nearest stockist, contact Salon Success on 0845 659 0011.

Love Alice & Olivia Xx