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Another heatwave is on it's way in the UK, yay!



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H&M has most definitely been one of our favourite high street stores to shop in recently.


London’s most Instagrammable Cafe…?!

We have been craving that retro Miami palm tree and soft pink combination of hues ever since we bid farewell to the Beverly Hills Hotel for the last time in a while back in April, so when we got wind of “possibly the most instagrammable cafe in London” (according to The Metro, and yes, instagrammable is totally a word according to the Urban Dictionary) we just had to swing by to see what all the fuss was about.

Palm Vaults is located on Mare Street in Hackney, perfect, we were due to shoot in Hackney anyway, so we guessed there was no harm in a little visit as our first stop. First impressions, a bustling millennial hot-spot filled with bright young things visibly recording their experiences on every social channel going before any consumption could possibly occur. Ok we are completely guilty of this too (did we just call ourselves bright?) and who could blame us, the cafe is absolutely beautiful and is begging to photographed from every possible angle.

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The pink and green colour scheme is embellished by the hanging plants, offset by exposed brick walls and a long mirror at the far end which we found reflected the light/pink and added to the ambience as if that were possible. We ordered two of the famous lattes that we have seen popping up a lot on social media, and wow, not only are they a work of art, but they taste amazing too. We tried one matcha latte (green) and a rose and lavender latte (pink), these can be served with various milk options including soya and coconut, and many of the dishes too are vegan friendly, not that either of us are vegan, but we do enjoy trying new/alternatives and appreciate delicious vegan food (shoutout to Gracias Madre, our favourite vegan Mexican in LA).

Although we didnt order food this time, we will definitely be back for the dreamiest looking avocado toast we saw being served on a nearby table to us. Honestly, one of the lovliest aspects to our vists to this beautiful little cafe was the fact that the staff were so incredibly charming. I’m sure they are plenty used to being photo-friendly, but they didnt mind us capturing our experience, on the contrary they were absolutely delightful and we really think this makes a place these days. Super super friendly and kind, and kindness makes people feel good.

We couldn’t not give a little mention to the loo at Palm Vaults, which is totally worthy of its own photo, so here you go. We have been dreaming in palm print ever since…

Love Olivia Xx