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We have been loving top handle mini bags recently and have found them amazing for styling outfits



A great trench coat is classic and timeless....



It looks like the shoe we will all be wearing this spring/summer is the...




Neon burst in to our lives last year and has just been blowing up more and more. It has been a trend that despite being popular with a great number there have been many that have decided that they are NOT on board with it. Incase you are one of those people who are not so sure about it we have put together some ideas of how you can style neon and keep it looking chic rather than feeling like a complete highlighter.


Pair it with Beige

We actually did a neon beige look last season during fashion week which we loved but changed it up a little for this season incorporating a few more colours. We think that pairing beige with neon is a really good way of wearing the trend and giving the look a really chic feel to it.

Add a Hint

If you are not ready to wear the full neon yellow dress then start by adding just a hint. A friend of ours asked to borrow our neon orange scrunchie for a night out she had planned so that she had just a pop of colour. During Copenhagen Fashion week we saw a girl wearing all black with some neon yellow socks on which looked amazing! Of course a bag or clutch is an obvious one to help lift an outfit but our biggest tip would be a neon roll neck to layer underneath something else, whether that be a jumper or a boiler suit. We loved how the neon could slightly be seen through this white shirt shown in the pictures.

Go in with a colour you already feel comfortable with

If you are already a fan of pink say then perhaps start with that. If you already feel comfortable in pink and think that is suits you then wearing a slightly brighter version shouldn’t feel too daunting. Similarly with certain items of clothing, for example, if you love wearing midi skirts then why not try a neon midi skirt?

The main thing with fashion is to have fun with it and feel great in what you are wearing so have a go and find out what you are comfortable in… you might be surprised!