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Bonjour and welcome to another blog post! As you may, or may not know we were in Paris last week for fashion week which meant that in addition to show venues and ubers we found ourselves in some lovely spots that we wanted to share. Some are obvious and cliche but we think it is worth letting you know if these places are worth the hype, or if you should perhaps be spending your money elsewhere.


The most exclusive restaurant in Paris. Hotel Costes is super difficult to get in to as it is so so popular but if you fancy swirling your pasta around your fork next to Bella Hadid or Kim Kardashian then it is a place for you! The ambience is amazing, it is very Parisian with deep red tones and low lighting. If you can get a spot in the courtyard then it will make the experience all the better. It’s seriously beautiful and the lobster pasta is such a winner!


Another very popular well known restaurant in Paris and again most definitely worth the hype. We personally perhaps even preferred it to Hotel Costes (can we say that?!) as it was less crowded and the staff were more polite. If you manage to nab a spot outside under the heaters you will get a view of the Eiffel Tower as it sparkles away. Well you can’t get much better than that can you? I’m not sure why I am harping on about everything seafood in this post so far but I have to recommend the shrimp risotto. A couple of our lovely friends recommended this dish so we went for it and it was amazing!


So we thought we had stumbled across a secret spot where you can get the perfect picture of the Eiffel Tower with no crowds and a little cobbled street to add to the picturesque background. Turns out we did not invent this location (surprise surprise!) as after having taken pictures here we realised that everyone on Instagram was doing to same thing. You know when you see something once and then you can’t stop seeing it? Well it was like that. Nevertheless it was the perfect spot for a shot (or 5) and I guess we were lucky that it was not busy. If you are after an iconic shot of Paris and don’t fancy nearly getting run over by the Arc De Triomphe then try popping this location in to your google maps!


This one was a new find for us as we found ourselves there when visiting a Lebanese Pop Up shop during Fashion Week. The place had a really ‘cool feel’ with an amazing range of healthy colourful food. Not somewhere to venture to if you are keen on only sticking to the french food during your trip but we would definitely recommend it. It was lovely and spacious and great for catching up with friends.


The ultimate obvious recommendation but we do not feel a trip to Paris is complete without a walk in these public gardens. There is something so serene about having a wander around the gardens and of course it is the hub of most of the Instagram world’s Paris photos! I mean you have the lake, the wheel, The Lourve and the general mass of that gorgeous colour stone you associate with Parisian buildings. After a busy couple of days rushing around we put on our flat shoes and had a wander through the park with the time we had spare before we had to head back to London and it made the trip complete.

Let us know your favourite Paris hotspots and if there is anywhere we really must try next time!