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Another heatwave is on it's way in the UK, yay!



If you are looking for something new for your wardrobe but wanting something
a little different...



H&M has most definitely been one of our favourite high street stores to shop in recently.



With the whole ‘new year, new me’ quote flying around or ‘ new year, same me’ as we seem to have increasingly seen this year we wanted to share 5 of our cult make up products that we have topped up on this Jan. These are the ones that never leave our make up bags, they are the staples that we are always re buying and usually have a spare on hand incase the previous one is looking low.

1.) NARS radient tinted moisturiser

Despite the fact that we love make up and do enjoy a rouge green or blue eye here and there, it is no secret that we are not the best at it. Growing up we never really wore foundation and so despite the short lived phase where we wore far to much of it we never managed working our way around something with super heavy coverage. This Nars tinted moisturiser is the perfect thing for us as it makes us feel alive, with more of a flawless feel without having anything too heavy. We usually go one shade darker in this than what would perfectly match our skin just to give us that extra glow.

2.)NARS creamy concealer

For a quick swish under the eyes to cover those everyday bags and any other blemishes this is our go to. It says creamy in the name and creamy it is. The consistency makes it glide on and it does not go cloggy. The applicator is also super easy to use. This is especially helpful for those who tend to do their make up in a car or on the train, yes this is us.

3.)Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Many bronzers have passed through our clutches and we still always return back to Hoola! I can’t even remember when we first used this product but it has definitely been for as long as we have been using make up. When we were in our late teens we did have a tendency for far too much fake tan but aside from those days Hoola has always managed to achieve the not so orange look. We love the shade and the fact it does not have a sheen to it which many bronzers do. Who remembers when you could personalised them? Wish we could do that again!

4.)Iconic Highlighter

We were lucky enough to shoot a campaign with Misguided last year and this is when we first gave the Iconic highlighter a go. Before then we had heard of it but never tried it, when we did we LOVED it! I remember we always had highlighters that were sort of yellow and we ended up looking more Simpson esc than human. However, this one is stunning and blends in brilliantly! The MUA on the shoot told us she swore by the original shade and now we do too!

5.)Browcote Gel

The final product is a brow gel. Now I’ve seen some super talented girls on the gram creating some bushy brows we can all envy with all sorts of products. Although they are incredible, we tend to stick with what we know. We got one of these as a gift from an event once and now we keep re buying. I sometimes find that a coloured brow gel can come out too much and look of harsh and then you have to wipe it off and start all over again. This clear gel really keeps the brows in places and gives them more volume. Its is also about £5 which is an added bonus!