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We have been loving top handle mini bags recently and have found them amazing for styling outfits



A great trench coat is classic and timeless....



It looks like the shoe we will all be wearing this spring/summer is the...



Travelling is so much fun but the packing, not so much! It is always so difficult to know exactly what to take with us and there is always a pile of un worn clothes at the end of the holiday that were for the ‘just incase’ situations that never happened.

Having been away a couple of times last month we realised a few staple must haves that we couldn’t have done without on our trips and for that reason thought we would share them with you. It feels so good to have a concise packing list where you can mix and match items and yet have something for each occasion. This is particularly handy if you are going somewhere for only a few days or a long weekend you don’t want to be hauling your whole wardrobe with you.


So, we are kicking this list off with the luggage itself. Unless you really HAVE to take big heavy cases how blissful is it to have a great carry on case! We recently received these ones from The Daily Edited and they are perfect. On four wheels, a zip compartment inside, hard shell and super lightweight. They also look very chic being in black but still have a hint of fun with the personalisation (have a look on the website you can have a play around with fonts and colours). The only downside to this was when the air steward said my name and I had a near heart attack worrying I had done something wrong before realised he was just reading my name and saying hello!… then again he could have also read my necklace or one of my many other personalised items (who else loves personalised things!!)


Even if you are not heading directly to a beach it is always a good idea to pack some swimwear as you never know if there might be a spa or pool available and lets face it, if there is, we will be using them! Our absolute favourite swimwear at the moment is Paper London. I don’t think when we were younger we fully appreciated how spending a little more on a great swimsuit could make you feel so much more comfortable and therefore confident. Paper London do a whole range of colours, cuts and styles and they are super comfortable and flattering!


Of course we need need a comfortable pair of shoes for sightseeing and pottering down to the pool or beach. Although we would always travel with a pair of vans or converse (chunky dad style trainers take up too much room!) sometimes you don’t want to be wearing a hot trainer on the beach?! For that reason we have picked out these below Teva shoes that are having such a moment and look like the Prada/Chanel style ones but not with the price tag 🙂


Now there are so many options of Maxi dresses that we love right now and that you could take on holiday with you but the important thing is that you have one! Easy to wear in the day to look around the local town (with the shoes above) but can also double up as an evening dress for a smarter meal. A maxi dress will make you look elegant and feel appropriately dressed in SO many situations.


Now I know this one sounds pretty specific BUT it does make sense when it comes to the doubling up outfits situation. It can be worn together or separately, in the day time and evening and lets face it we have all been away, expecting to be continuously boiling and then we are sitting outside in the evening and realise we are a little chilly wish we had brought a blazer with us!


I mean… or high but low are just easier to walk in and can make an outfit look put together without being too OTT. Strappy low heel sandals are so on trend right now and there are so many amazing ones available. They are just perfect for a holiday dinner. We have actually worn our Dorothy Perkins ones a HUGE amount since getting them but Topshop also have SO many options.


This is a pretty obvious one but just so that we are getting the full idea of what is in the suitcase, a basic tee is needed. This can be worn, on the plane, with the shorts, with the blazer, over your swimsuit (you are getting the idea here). Also if you want to jazz it up layer some jewellery over it, we always think this makes an effortless look.


Of course a pair of sunnies is a staple for a get away. Whichever shape you think suits you and are your fave shove them in. Personally we think you can’t go wrong with a classic round pair either of Ray bans or if you don’t have those they Quay so some amazing alternatives.

Let us know what your top items to take away with you are and if you have any holiday’s booked?