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Another heatwave is on it's way in the UK, yay!



If you are looking for something new for your wardrobe but wanting something
a little different...



H&M has most definitely been one of our favourite high street stores to shop in recently.


Working With A Sibling

One of the most frequently asked questions we find that people ask us when we meet new faces through Amelia Jane London, is “how do you find it working with a sibling?!” Most people recoil at the thought of working with their sibling, and recount mini horror stories about any close working relationship they have had with their sister or brother, before pausing intently to find out just how we cope! The truthful answer is that we actually love working together, in fact, its definitely preferable to working for a diva boss in a fast paced corporate firm that you can’t reason with, at least, right?


24/7 Sidekicks

Working in online retail is 24/7, demanding, and all consuming, and its fair to say that many a day is spent working together in the office responding to emails at speed! There is no 9-5, but this is one aspect that we often say is really quite well suited to working with a sibling who understands the pace required, and the need for complete silence for hours on end in order to get through the workload!

These days we are very lucky to have help in the office on the admin side of things, but it definitely helps that we are both on the same page when it comes to business decisions, tone of voice for our brand, attentiveness to customers, and the importance of deadlines and responding to people as quickly as we can.

The Creative Side

One of the things we enjoy most about having a brand together is that we do get to do everything together! In terms of the creative side, its really handy that we have a similar fashion style to each other, and therefore many of our ideas for new pieces within our collection, shoot locations, the models we use, slogans, captions, etc are what the other would have chosen anyway. Often when embarking on a new project such as planning a campaign shoot, we will work on different aspects of it, for example, I will find some shoot locations and examples of what we could achieve there, and Alice will come up with ideas of how to style the models, the make up looks, etc. We then bring the ideas together and more often than not we LOVE each others ideas, and don’t feel the need to change anything!

Keeping Up – Code Talk!

We are 50/50 equal directors of our brand, and while we allocate ourselves different aspects of the business to work on at times, generally speaking mostly all decisions are joint decisions, and we wont move forward on anything super important without the nod from the other sister! If I have had a phone call about something and need to recount it to Alice (on the odd occasion the conversation is not on loudspeaker of course!) we will sometimes speak in an virtual code to each other in order to speed up the story! We find fashion a fast paced industry, and being super brief in order to fill-in-the-other-sister is definitely recommended, and its something all siblings do to some extent. Shortened words and sentences unique to us are often a point of huge amusement amongst our friends too which is great, we like to make people smile! 😉